Commitment To Our Clients

Our attorneys come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but one common theme is that we are all first generation lawyers. What does that mean? It means that each one of us has had to work incredibly hard to get to our current positions because none of our parents were lawyers. Equally important, it means that each of us knows and appreciates what is necessary to earn and keep the trust of our clients. Trust is not something that comes easy, nor is it ever taken lightly at our firm. We know you have choices in your legal representation and we appreciate the confidence each of our clients has shown in selecting us. Our constant mission is to reinforce to each of our clients why they chose us to represent them in the first place.


With backgrounds ranging from family farms, to small towns, to metropolitan suburbs, our attorneys encompass the cross-section that is middle America. With a vast array of experience conducting  jury trials in numerous federal and state courts, to government service, to corporate counsel, and everything in between, our attorneys are highly qualified to handle a variety of different legal matters for you. But perhaps equally as important, our attorneys are confident enough to direct you to other law firms if you require a specialization that we do not offer. Our goal is to get you the highest quality and most affordable legal service possible, whether that be with us or someone else. The client’s best interest must always be the most important objective.


We welcome you to learn more about each of our attorneys to see how they can be of service to you.  Follow the links below, call and talk to one of us, or ask around to see what others (especially our current clients) have to say about us.